Winter Workwear Part III

In today's workwear post I wanted to show how to wear a dress in the Winter, with the help of an item I don't necessarily usually connect with workwear; the over the knee boot. I want to start by saying that in hindsight I would have work black tights with this outfit - when stood in front of the mirror the dress covered the top of the boots, making them act almost like trousers, which was the look I was after. But when I walked around the dress moved and the boots slouched a little, and the slither of thigh appeared - I would 100% go for that look on an evening out, but perhaps not for the office. So, let's all imagine this look does involve some tights! 

As I said the look I was going for was to make the boots act as trousers. A great way to bring any Summer dresses back out and make them wearable now. I think the key is to not to go for a high heeled boot in this style, which would again tip more into the evening out territory. Something with a mid heel and no platform makes them such a classic and sophisticated piece - two key words in any workwear wardrobe! Make sure your dress comes to a good length, as even with tights under flashing too much thigh isn't the best workwear option - something just skimming the top of your boots is perfect!

This dress is a beautiful piece for work too. With the button up collar, tailored fit and mid thigh length - it's classic but not at all frumpy. The fit of it is stunning, making it so effortless to feel great in this, and I love the slight flare and pockets on the skirt. When things get even colder I think you would slip on a skinny turtleneck underneath (something like this COS one, which I have can recommend as an amazing layering piece), but for now I just added a coat. The outerwear is an important part of your commute, but try not to style your look around your coat, as chances are you will spend most of the day in the office without it on! 



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