Going Dotty

I have turned into an online shopping maniac. I am completely unstoppable. And while it may well be completely out of control, I have picked up some pieces I love. I will be sharing all of these pieces with you properly on Sunday, but I couldn't resist sharing a few new bits in outfits this week. First of which are these insane spotty pants. They are literally just like wearing PJs, and I think they look pretty damn cool too! I did spend the morning at home in them with my slippers on and completely looked like I had rolled out of bed, but when you add in some heels it completely transforms them. Because they are quite the statement for me, I kept it safe with an all black look. This is the best way for me to always feel confident in something a little different, paring it right back to some simplicity always makes me feel more willing to try something different. And all the more willing when they are insanely comfortable!



Moving out of your comfort zone is always about baby steps. Maybe finding a shape you always feel comfortable in, but with a different print (which is the case for these trousers), or a colour you love to wear in a slightly different style. There has to be an element you feel comfortable with so that you can wear it with confidence, which is all you ever need to make anything you want to wear look good! 

I hope to be able to step out of my comfort zone more this year, in a way that always feels true to 'me' which can always be the tricky balance. Sometimes I feel inspired to go for something completely different which I love, but just don't love so much on me - those are the pieces that gather dust in my wardrobe forever! Instead, I try to think of three looks I could create with every piece I buy. These trousers, for example; I ask myself what are three outfits these will work with them that I can pull together with everything I have in my wardrobe already. Here we have look 1, but I am thinking they would also look amazing with some court heels, a white shirt and a black blazer. And, something wayyyy more causal - my beloved Vans and a giant knit for an effortlessly slouchy look. It's a good way to online shop, even more so when you're looking to spend a lot of money on an item, but more on the high end stuff in tomorrow's post.