Things On My Mind Right Now


Today I thought I would share a few things that have been on my mind recently, in no particular order, and in varying degrees of significance: 

1. THIS MASSIVE COLDSORE. Any fellow sufferers will know the pain of a coldsore, and know that when they come during the night you are rendered useless in any quest to stop the thing in its tracks. I woke up with this beauty on Tuesday and it's been getting gradually worse ever since. It's made my entire face look weird, and of course reared it's ugly head the day before I was due to shoot loads of content. Alas, life goes on so here we are, coldsore and all. Lets just pretend its not here. 

2. Matches Fashion -  I have become obsessed. It has stemmed from my new found love for Raey, Matches' in house brand, and has grown out of control. I want everything, my wish list needs to stop, and I also have to stop emailing them asking when things will be in stock. I need to get a grip before I bankrupt myself. Someone come and stop me... but only once these shoes become MINEEEEE!! 

3, Fitness. I have finally found a way to enjoy(ish) fitness. I started seeing a personal trainer and it's changed the way I feel about the gym. I always felt so self conscious in there - of doing something wrong, not being good at anything, and generally just looking like an idiot. It's a senseless thing to worry about, but I reckon it's pretty common. The other issue I had with the gym is it has to be the most boring place on earth. Time moves at the same pace it used to in my Physics lessons in school... very, very slowly. So not only does having a personal trainer mean I know I am doing thing right, it also passes the time quicker because I have someone to talk to! It's definitely an expensive solution, but a solution nonetheless. To be clear, I would ditch my personal trainer to fund the Matches obsession, so my priorities are possibly still a little askew. 

4. Emma Hill - Emma and I went for a coffee on Monday and I wanted to share some love for her on here. She is an incredible blogger - and I mean incredible. She posts every single day, and never ever sacrifices the quality of her posts. Like me, she focuses on personal style (And it's an amazing personal style too), so I think you lot will love her blog and Insta. She is also Northern and therefore even more wonderful.

5. Aesop Skincare: odd one, but I have been thinking about this lots. I love their soap and re purchased it last week and got a load of samples which I have been trying out. Aside from the Parsley Seed face mask (which is amazing), I haven't tried out much of their skincare. So far I am liking the samples lots, but I am concerned about how much they smell - maybe not the best long term for sensitive skin??? What do you all think of their skincare? I can't find anything about it on Caroline Hirons (the skincare queen) blog and I usually base my skin decisions on her recommendations

6. LA - I am desperate to go to LA this year and shoot tonnes and tonnes of content. Aside from another trip to Canada, that's the only place that I reaaalllyyyy want to go to this year. Hopefully I can make it happen, we shall see! (Might need to address the first one in this list if I want to book a holiday).

7. Reading - or distinct lack of it. I have been reading Fingersmith by Sarah Waters since November, and I can't get to the end of it despite the fact I am enjoying it! I am past the halfway point, too far to give up on it now. Also have been flicking through Bloom by Estee Lalonde, I was late to the party with this one but better late than never because I am loving it. Very aesthetically pleasing, and I find her a very inspiring lady indeed.

8. Spring. - can it just be Spring now?! It's been so gloomy, and on the odd sunshiney days my mood lifts by around 1930291%. I can't wait for to switch out my boots for loafers and slip one and knits for t-shirt and blouses. January and February are definitely the most miserable two months of the year, and we are less then three weeks away from the end of the latter, WAHHOOOO!