Mothers Day

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So, yesterday was Mother's Day and I shared a little video featuring my lovely Mum all about our personal styles with Zalando, with a little bit of styling for one another - I sort of wanted to add a little more to what we discussed in that video because it was such a fun one to make. I was amazed at how similar Mum and I looked in our 20s when she shared some old photos with me, not just looks wise but style wise too. So much of what she wore back then are things I would 100% wear today - and they combined with the fact all the images were shot in film (of course, she is quite old, sorry Mum) almost sent me into a flat spin over the aesthetic of the whole thing. 

But for today's post I want to dedicate it to Mum a little more personally, not just about the fashion. There is no one who inspires me quite as much as my Mum. She is such a big part of this blog behind the scenes; answering all my questions about the business side of things, proof reading my blog posts for me (endless mistakes, I know I am so bad for it!!), always on hand for any advice I need. I cannot express enough how much I wouldn't be the business woman I have inadvertently become without my Mum's help. She advices me endlessly on where I want this blog to grow, what I want it to become, listens to me go on and on and on (and on) about it all, without ever tiring of answering my questions. Not only the business side of things - I wouldn't be the woman I am today with Mum. No one has taught me the importance of female friendships more than her. She has the most amazing group of friends who she has carried with her throughout her life, and they all support each other in the most incredible ways. I am so lucky to have found friends like that myself, and I think the ability to find and nurture those friendships has been very much down to watching my Mum do that herself; no matter how busy she is. 

More than anything, my Mum has taught me the importance of independence. Nothing makes me more driven than the wish to be independent. Not just in a financial sense, but also in terms of willing to be on my own and dealing with it (not always amazingly, but have avoided any major breakdowns, go me) and just trusting in my own instincts on things in life. It’s such a hard thing to navigate because it’s a balance - having people in your life who support you is completely essential, and learning how to manage that without becoming too reliant on someone is so hard. I have by no means perfected it, but my Mum has taught me so much about trusting in myself and my own abilities and strengths that I really feel I get more independent every day (and then often take a huge step backwards, but maybe that is part of it too). Living alone and working alone has felt like a totally doable task with my Mum alongside me, and I can never say thank you enough for that. I am living the best possible version of my life because my Mum helped me create that, made me believe I could do it, and then held my hand whenever I needed it along the way. But the main reason I can do it is because I have watched her do it for so long, no matter what life throws (and believe me, it has thrown hard at times) her way, she has never stopped moving forwards onto better things. I am not sure there can be anything more inspiring. 

Love you Mum.