Two Amazing Pairs Of Jeans



This post is really going to be doing what it says on the tin; introducing you to two amazing pairs of jeans I have recently acquired. No need to even mention the fact I love denim at all, I think we all know I am a fan by now! As much as I do try to stop myself wearing it day in day out (and believe me when I say that it is always a conscious effort and not something I do naturally), I always welcome new pairs I love into my wardrobe. Generally I believe the high street does denim best and there is not much sense in shelling out £100+ on some jeans, however one brand stands as the exception of that for me... 

That brand is Raey, an incredible brand I was introduced to via Testing Basics. It's Matches' in house brand, and when I say I love every single piece they have, I really do mean it. This is the second pair of denim I have from them, and I can't recommend them enough for jeans. Their denim is simultaneously soft and structured, and this pair is no exception to that. It's been a while since I've gone for some ripped denim, but I am loving it in these! 

They're a great pair to throw on for any given day, and the comfort factor means they are great for travelling or for especially long days too. I went for a W26 and they fit me so perfectly, and the wide leg is what completely makes me fall for them. They feel like a great Summer jean to pair with slides and a t-shirt on a lazy day, or heels and a blouse for an evening out. Definitely worth the higher price tag, and I generally feel the brand as an entirety is worth the money! 



Aaannnddd the second pair. One of my all time favourite pairs of jeans are from BDG at Urban Outfitters, and for some unknown reason I have never bought from them again. The logic defies me here, but I finally picked up a new pair in store a few weeks ago. I have been wearing these almost every single day since I bought them - they're incredible! An almost skinny leg with a high rise, they're incredibly reminiscent of the eye watering-ly expensive Shop Redone ones that I am always swooning over. I have these in a W26 too, and again they fit like a dream. One issue I had with the other BDG jeans I own is the fly constantly falling down. Thankfully that seems to be an issue with that specific pair and not one with the brand on a whole, as it doesn't happen with these ones at all.  

In terms of how the quality of these ones feel, they really hold their own against the Raey ones. They aren't as soft, and the wider leg of the Raey ones make them especially flattering. But to say they are in completely different price points, these BDG ones are incredibleeeee. I would repurchase these in a different colour in a breath, and have made a big mental note to regularly check BDG for their denim now.