New Perceptions

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I have a few Radley handbags in my collection (see some old posts here and here), but this newbie is by far my favourite. Most famous for the little Scottie dog, there is actually so much more to the brand that shouldn't be overlooked, and I think this new style really showcases that. There are a lots of things I love about this bag, but it was the shape that stood out the most. It has quite a few bits in it here, but it keeps a flatness that makes it look so smart and chic. It's such a lovely structure that is unlike any other bag I own. It also makes it a pretty versatile piece, one that could be used for work, days out and about (it's roomy inside), or an evening out. AND it's got the top handle and cross body strap which is something I love so much in a bag since buying my Fendi 2Jours. I cannot tell you how much more versatile it makes a bag feel being able to wear it both ways, and not to mention super practical on the days you're rushing around. This one is also available in a smaller size, but my love for a top handle option made this one the winner. 

My outfit is a pretty versatile one that I would wear day to day or to go out for some drinks (I actually wore this shirt dress to go 'out out' last week!) - so the perfect compliment to the bag too! Something I want to break away from a little is my love for high rise jeans with a knit/t-shirt tucked in at the front. It's a look I love so much, but I find myself doing it wayyy more than I should do! Hence the shirt dress over jeans here, which I am loving so much! It gives a completely different kind of effortlessness with the flowing silhouette, and the bag compliments that perfectly too. I deliberately wore it with the top handle with this too, I think having it in hand helped balance the look and maintain the flow of the shirt, rather than restricting it with the cross body strap.  

Some skinny-ish jeans were essential with this shirt dress. I did pop on a wider leg pair and it instantly made me look like I wearing a tent. I would also stick to a light wash to everything doesn't merge into one, and the same applies for boots. I did like how this looked with black boots too (I nearly went with my beloved Jil Sander ones), but then the pop of colour from the tan boots finished off the look perfectly.  Of course I can't go through this post without mentioning the studs on the bag. This is my kinda way of doing studs - not in your face hardware that can look incredible, but more often than not looks incredibly cheap. The matt black ones are the perfect extra detail without being too in your face, it's something totally new for Radley and I love it! And as a final note... the zip is rose gold. Need I say anymore? I think not. 


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