Little Balances


Isn’t life all about maintaining certain balances? I often think about this, and how these balances shift and change throughout out lives as our priorities change too. I always feel like it’s something I am trying to get better at too - managing different aspects of my life, keeping different plates spinning so that everything is running on track. So I often think of these little balances, some big and some small - and today I am going to end the week by sharing them with you all in one giant ramble! 


1. Work/Life

Ahh well isn’t this the ultimate balance to achieve. I feel like nailing this is similar to hitting the jackpot. It’s something I haven’t come close to perfecting yet (writing this post at 10:30pm, not ideal!!) - however, the reason I am working so late is because I me a friend this morning for a catch up, so it’s all swings and roundabouts because I just fit the ‘life’ part of the day into the working hours. I think we often end up managing it a little more than we realise, I definitely start to notice it if I am not because my social life starts to suffer. That being said, there is a long way to go before getting the balance for this one right.


2. Put down the chocolate but you love the chocolate


This one applies to healthy eating generally. I have a huge appetite, I love food. I eat alarming quickly meaning I often manage to put away a hell of a lot of food in one sitting and then sit and graze for ages afterwards. My biggest weakness is chocolate and my relentless sweet tooth. I literally have to avoid having it in the house, because if it’s there I will eat it non stop, all self control out the window. Now I do try to eat healthily, so I know I can’t be doing this on a daily basis. But from time to time, it is 100% ok. Sometimes when I am stressed out and sit down with a chocolate biscuit and a cuppa, it genuinely de-stresses me a little bit. Now the bit I need to learn is to leave it with the one chocolate biscuit, and not go on to demolish the whole packet. 


3. God no you don’t need more jeans. But get them anyway. 


How many pairs of jeans is too many? When does it become a problem and something you need to reign in a little. I think I passed that point a while ago, yet I still cannot stop buying denim. The issue is I can justify it so easily for work, and always want to be able to recommend new styles and brands to all of you. So when I am in the shop thinking “you have straight leg jeans, you do not need more, there is an imbalance in your wardrobe and you spend at least 20 mins a week trying to organise them all again and not let your life get lost under a pile of denim, put the jeans back”… 5 mins later I am at the till. My life will always be on the denim-heavy side, it’s not something I am planning on putting a stop to either. This is an imbalance I like.


4. Travel/homebody


This is one that has changed so much for me in the past year or so. Travel was never a huge goal for me, I loved being at home and trying to have some sort of routine even though my work makes it difficult. But since being single, travel has become something I enjoy more and more. It’s still about finding a balance with it, especially when you do it for work. The funny thing I have found is that my wind down time can often come when I am back at home, even if I am working here, rather than being away, even though being away is closer to being on a holiday. This year I think one/two trips a month is the sweet spot for me, while realising there might come a point where travel can become too much… never forgetting the closest I have ever been to a mild mental breakdown while in New York last November! 


5. Water vs. Tea. There is a clear winner (and it isn’t the clear one) 


Body says ‘give me water’ and my head goes ‘but shall we go with a cuppa’. Drink more water is a constant goal of mine, it usually ends up with me drinking more tea.