Start With The Shoes

This post is sponsored by Dune. 

Well hello that inbetweeny time of year again. You have been lingering about for the past month or so, making wardrobe decisions harder and harder as we sit right on a cusp of Summer and Autumn. It leaves me longing for Autumn and Winter, but not feeling quite ready to commit to the new purchases just yet, as I try to hang on to my Summer wardrobe just a little while longer. 

There isn't many things a new pair of shoes can't fix (a stressful week, a bad mood, a down in the dumps day), and the woes of transitional dressing can also be fixed by some new footwear. I am thinking of it as, quite literally, dipping my toes into Autumn and Winter, without having to commit to it with the rest of my outfit. Dressing from the shoes up is always a failsafe way to get a good outfit going on, and a great way to carry through your outfits from Summer to Winter.

So, with this post, I am sharing three pairs of Dune's latest collection, and how they are updating my wardrobe. Lets start with the flats, and possibly one of the ultimate transitional styles - the brogue. It's practical in terms of the weather we tend to get around now, and also looks so good. I think it's something about the androgyny of them which nods to the more masculine and oversized shapes I will be wearing with my Winter wardrobe. But teamed with a Summer dress is the perfect way to keep those pieces you love working for a little while longer. 


But here comes in reality. Here is me, falling in love with these perfect brogues thinking 'oh these will look so good with a Summer dress, something a bit floaty'. I shaved and tanned my legs and preparation.. and then... RAIN AND CLOUDS! There goes the Summer dress plans, and along with a big fat reminder that planning outfits at this time of year never goes to plan, cheers unpredictable weather! So, instead I rustled together this look. Using the lighter colour palette to keep Summer in the back of my mind, but bringing in what will be my favourite three textures for Winter: wool knits, heavy denim, and suede shoes. So while my plans for the perfect transitional moment were scuppered, I did end up with an outfit I loved, and a chance to really put the versatility of these brogues to the test! Side note: they're really comfy too! 

KNIT: ARITIZIA | JEANS: WEEKDAY | SHOES: c/o DUNE (shop more brogue styles here too) 

Secondly, we have a more evening affair, and a bit more of a statement. These stunning red suede stilettos (you are about to see a pattern with the suede here), are the most amazing way to update a look. They are the perfect shoe for a fancy evening now, that can take you right through to the festive season (I had all the Christmas feels while wearing these). If you don't fancy the red then they are available in lots of other colours, but let me make a quick case for why the red is so good: firstly, there is something about denim and red shoes that just works, and anything that updates my love for denim is a good thing in my book. Secondly, they are such an easy way to update a look, especially if you have a very monochrome wardrobe like I do! AND FINALLY, lets just all take a moment to imagine them with black skinnies, a black knit and long black coat when things get really cold... now that is deffo a look I am feeling excited about! 

JEANS: URBAN OUTFITTERS | SHIRT: ACNE | SHOES: c/o DUNE (and even more high heeled goodness here)

And finally, we have what is is undoubtedly the ultimate transitional style; the ankle boot. Remember agessss ago I spoke about how I was finally mastering the bare legs and ankle boot look?? Well, I have been sticking by the rule that tan suede works best for me, and I have proved myself right once again (well done, me, YAY). These incredible boots could not be any more perfect. The colour? Perfect. The heel height? Very perfect. The rounded toe? Yep, also perfect. Just all round perfection! So to really get my transitional outfit going, and this time without being defeated by the weather, I went with a denim mini and ankle boots combo. I actually wore this for an evening out, but I think it would work just as well for a daytime look when paired with a plain t-shirt or knit. I really love this look and will be holding on to the boots-and-bare-legs moments for as long as possible, but when that time comes to an end, I think these boots will be just as amazing with some skinny jeans! 


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