Picasso Baby

Jay Z's "Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film" is well worth a watch. Cut down from 30 hours of footage, 6 of which were back-to-back performances of the song in New Yorks Pace Gallery. Featured is the performance and endurance artist Marina Abramovic, and the whole idea is reminiscent of her The Artist is Present at the MoMa in 2010. I am a huge Jay-Z fan, but not the biggest fan of Abramovic, as I find a lot of her work hard to grasp (such as Rhythm 10, where she played the Russian game with twenty knifes, cutting her hand with each one. All I think of that is why?!) That being said I really enjoyed this piece despite the Abramovic references. The interaction seen between the artist and the audience is a great combination of what performance art and musicians' concerts should be about, and there were many moments that made me smile.