Over The Knee Boots

I am going to share a little story with you about these boots:
When I first saw them on Zara's online site, I loved them, but at £250 they were way above what I would spend on a single item in Zara, so I sadly moved them to the back of my mind. When the sales came I didn't act fast enough, so once again resigned myself to a life without the boots. Last week I went into the Zara shop in Leeds, and what should I find but a single pair of the over the knee boots of my dreams... and in my size! Still priced at £109, a little more than I would have hoped but I decided I would regret leaving them there. When I got the till, what can only be described as a miracle occurred. They had been marked down wrong. They were not £109... instead they were... £40!!!!!!!! Result! Still smiling about this, even if these moody pictures suggest otherwise. 

Boots: Zara | Jeans: All Saints | Jumper: H&M | T-Shirt: H&M