Crinkled and Ripped

 First things first, let me address my crinkled shirt. I am not attempting to make a fashion statement here, this was not a deliberate part of my look. This is an outfit I went out for dinner in, the plan had been to shoot and then eat. However, me being me, I decided food was to come first - and this is the result. Sitting down in a long shirt does not keep them crisp! 
Anyway, I am not sorry for the ripped jeans! Following my recent post about jeans (thank you so much for your comments), I went and bought these Zara ones. That was last week and I've worn them every day since - I have them on as I type this - so these were definitely a good choice.
I also feel I have to mention this amazing location. Thank you Mum for spotting it, my number 1 location scout! 

Jeans: Zara (the exact pait isn't available online, but they are in stores now) | Shirt: COS | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman