Hello from Italy!

 Hello from Tropea! These photos are from our first day there, where we walked my Uncle’s dog and mooched around the town. Tropea is a real Italian city. If you imagine the pictures that decorate Costa Coffee shops to give you a sense you are drinking authentic Italian coffee, well those photos could have been taken here. It is run down, beautiful and truly Italian in every sense. 

On our first day the weather was overcast but bright and incredible muggy (not my idea of pleasant weather). So I opted for something baggy and lightweight. I bought these sunglasses at the airport - finally the sunglasses hunt is over! You may remember I first mentioned them here, well the hunt for a black pair failed… I’ve ended up with the complete opposite! 

Trousers: Zara | T-Shirt: H&M | Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals | Sunglasses: Tom Ford 

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