The Current Aesthetic

My favourite thing about visiting different cities is blogging there. While I love Yorkshire and Leeds, I feel I am running out of locations, or at least I am running out of location I like. As you all know, the simple monochrome aesthetic is definitely the look of the moment, and the streets of London offer this perfectly. Yorkshire is great for green landscapes and rolling hills, but a stark pavement with black railing certainly makes a nice change. 
This location compliments this outfit too... or rather, it would compliment all my outfits! I had bought this top the day before from COS (where we spent most of our trip!!) You have guys have seen my other drop hem top from there a thousand times, so I was super excited to see this one in store.

Top: COS | Jeans: All Saints | Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals | Bag: Saint Laurent 

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