4 Days 4 Skirts: Printed Skirt

Last week while brainstorming blog ideas I was pondering what my wardrobe is lacking. I have countless pairs of trousers and jackets, all of which you guys see all the time. One thing that is sparse in my wardrobe is skirts. Skirts aren't really my thing, so I decided to challenge myself by wearing them, and hopefully finding a new love for my small collection! 
At first I thought I would do 'A Week in Skirts'... then I realised I didn't have seven skirts, I only have four. So here we have '4 Days, 4 Skirts', showcasing my capsule skirt collection. 
First up is this House of Sunny number. Perhaps one of the only printed items on my wardrobe, the perfect cut and shape still makes it a firm wardrobe favourite. 

Skirt: House of Sunny | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Top: All Saints | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban