A Day In The Life

Hello and welcome to my first ever lifestyle post! I am super excited to be trying something new over here, and definitely would love to know what you guys think. 

This idea came from Lily Melrose's blog. She did a post on how to tackle a blogging inspiration block, and this was one of the post ideas: to take a picture every hour of a day. I loved the idea as I way to see day-to-day life, and make my blog seem a little more personal. I waited until I had a day where I wasn't going to be doing the same thing for hours on end so I had a little variation to play with. 

So here it is: a day in my life! 

7am: I usually start my day at 7 or 8am. Today I have quite a bit to fit in so 7am it was! I am the most productive in the morning, so the more work I have to do the earlier I wake up. I always start my day by scrolling through Instagram (obsessed!), and then I get up and head straight to the kettle for the first cuppa of the day. 
While taking this photo I spilt tea all over my bed, so the day then became an impromptu washing day. 

8am: After having my breakfast I then sat down to reply to some emails and prep that day's blog post. I sometimes draft more than one at once if I know I won't have time to write a post on a certain day, but not on this day! I did this for just over an hour (always distracted by the Mail Online), and by 9am had all my photos edited. 

9am: Time to get ready. Showered, face washed, teeth brushed, and make-up on. Here are some of my favourite make up items that I use most days:

10am: Uni work.. blerrrgh. I am currently researching for my dissertation, but I am lacking motivation and focus. I have been trying to do a bit of reading everyday, but I am so distracted that everything is taking twice as long as it should. I am hoping that if I am more disciplined and make myself a routine I will be able to be a little more productive! 

11am: ... still trying to work! Here is the main culprit for my distractions! 

12pm: By this time I am always super hungry. I didn't have anything for lunch in the house so I nipped to the shops. I don't do my shopping at Waitrose (although it is a life goal of mine, I love it in there!!), but today I nipped in to get my daily free coffee!

1pm: I ate my lunch (which was some pasta) while blogging. Whenever I sit down to blog I find it really hard to pull myself away from it, and the hours slip by. This time I just finished off the post for the day, hit publish, and closed the laptop lid.

2pm: A little after 2pm I was ready to go out and run some errands. I was wearing my favourite coat and jeans from Zara, a COS top and my Tibi loafers. Comfy and stylish! 

3pm: By this time I was in town to pick up some bits and bobs (tea towels, a water bottle and a tripod if you must know!). It took a lifetime to decide on the tripod so what should have been a half an hour trip became more like an hour.. and a bit. 

4pm: I was just about finished shopping now. Tripod in hand I walked back to the car and picked up my gym bag to head for a super short gym session as I was meeting Harry a little after 5pm.

5pm: Gym done (there was almost no point in going!!) I met up with Harry and we headed back home for some dinner. 
My leggings are from Nike, and my trainers are Nike Free 4.0 (at least I think they are, I can't really remember!!)

6pm: Food time! Yay! By this point I was definitely starving and wanting to eat chips but I refrained and went for a salad. I am not sure it even looks nice in these photos, but it was. Chicken and chorizo salad, with loads of oil and balsamic. I would to say it filled the hole, and it almost did, I just need half a bar of chocolate to finish the job afterwards.

7pm: More reading! Armed with a cup of tea I tried to do a little more Uni work.. with no success!! 

8pm: Giving up on Uni work I turned back to the blog, and I really couldn't tear myself away this time... 

10pm: Still blogging! Now Harry put a film on to watch in bed (the choice was Tangled, a very heavy night time watch). I always start to get sleepy at 10, so I got ready for bed and we were both asleep not long after 11.