Flasher Fashion

If I were to take up flashing (and who says I won't), this would be my kind of flasher fashion - a.k.a flashion. 
This trench is the perfect flashion statement. As it has a high collar which buttons up right to the top, it could be a very demure flashion indeed. As I am not a flasher at the moment, I have been wearing it undone to keep it flowing and somewhat summery. Another aspect of flashion is choosing the right shoes. Heels are a must, and in hindsight I might have been better with some pointy courts. However, all my pointy shoes double up as vices and I wouldn't be able to make a quick getaway from any flashion black lash. These ones I can run in (not really, I can't even run in trainers). 
The biggest downfall of my flashion is the presence of a dress. However it is short and I am not a fully fledged flasher - say that fast 10 times. 

Coat: Zara | Dress: COS | Shoes: Alexander Wang