I haven't shared an inspiration post in quite a while, and felt it was well overdue that I did. I spend a lot of time searching other blogs, and scrolling through tumblr, meaning I am constantly coming across inspiration. It is invaluable to me as a blogger, as it allows me create new outfits with what I already own, but it also means I have a never ending wish list of things I want! 

Here are a few things inspiring me recently (from left to right) 
- picture from Elle US: I am really loving the mix of leather in this picture, and the different textures is getting me thinking of new ways I would love to wear my leather items this winter. That statement backpack is available via Madpax, which you can buy here
- picture from tumblr: I think the Céline box bag will forever be on my wish list!! It is just the perfect bag, apart from the price tag, which is a tad ridiculous! 
- picture from TheyAllHateUs: Those denim shorts are my idea of denim cut offs!! I love the length, and the all grey looks so good too! 
- picture from Harper and Harley: Sara Donaldson never stops inspiring me, one of my favourite blogs for hair, make up and styling inspiration. 
- picture from Karla's Closet: the definition of effortless cool!
- picture from TheyAllHateUs: Loving this simple look, especially the black sandals with the lighter colours. 
- picture from TheyAllHateUs: The shorts are perfect, but more than anything I am loving the knit around the waist, I am 100% going to be trying this out!