Shorts and Brogues

 This feels like a very thrown together outfit to me, but I still like it. First I put on some shorts as it was sunny. Then some clouds appeared so I added a jumper. Then the clouds turned grey so I went with my brogues. Then it rained so out came the hat. Then I went outside and froze (in July, seriously English weather?!?) 
I am still loving these shoes but it's time I came clean about how painful they are. Man alive, they are like vices, and since my Tibi loafers made their way into my wardrobe, these haven't seemed worth the agony. However, when I see these photos I think maybe I need to man up, stop complaining, and embrace the blisters. 
Please excuse the over-exposed thighs and shorts. It was spitting when we were doing these so we had to get it done super quick.

Shorts: Zara | Jumper: COS | Shoes: Acne | Hat: Whistles