Zara Autumn/Winter 2014

It seems the Zara campaigns always send the bloggersphere into a flurry. This one shall be no exception. Zara is without a doubt my go to high street store. They offer trends at affordable prices, meaning if there is a trend you are unsure about, Zara is the place to test it out. There is no secret in how closely they copy the catwalks, sometimes unbelievably so (check out these boots, incredbily similar to the Acne Jensens!) I am sure there are divided opinions as to whether this is a good thing or not, but as fashion is about trying things out, I am all for the high-end trends being accessible. 

I always love their Autumn/Winter collections. Every time they release their campaign my wish list grows and grows, and I check online obsessively to see when my favourite pieces come into stock. When they do, they sometimes don't look much like they did on the campaign, and even less so when you see them in the flesh - but for the price point I won't be complaining. 

Below are my current favourites that are online now - let me know which things you guys have your eye on! 

Loose-fit Trench Coat, £79.99 - (this may already be hanging my wardrobe - oops!) 
Long Seamed Jacket, £29.99 - Not dissimilar to my trusty COS Silk Coat, but longer.
V Neck sweater, £45.99 - Nice alternative to this Acne number I have been eyeing up 
Fur and Leather Ankle Boot, £49.99 - I love these and hate them at the same time. Only trying them on will allow me to make my final decision *adds to basket*