Duster Coats

So it isn't often I post twice in one day, but some times you've just gotta do it! I realised my wish list post was missing one vital ingredient: the duster coat. Yes there was a couple of coats in there, but none I could throw over my shoulders tomorrow in his oddly warm weather we are having. For that, the duster coat is the one for the job! Hugely popular this season, the bloggersphere isn't short on inspiration on ways to wear them! 

I have one duster coat residing in my wardrobe (unless this Zara one counts too? I'll let you guys be the judge), My faithful COS one. I have worn it to death! And I do mean that literally, as sadly it is almost dead. I am thinking of adding another to my collection, but as it is going to be getting colder soon I want something well priced, but still nice. 
My pick are these two from Ark (I am yet to decide on the colour I prefer!) I saw the gorgeous Megan over from Pages by Megan rocking a similar number, and have loved the grid print ever since. 
What do you guys think??