Las Vegas Sunrise

As I write this post I am in the airport ready to go to New York! Mum and I spent four nights in Las Vegas, and had the best time. It's the first time I have ever been before, and I would definitely say it is something you have to experience - even if it isn't for you, there is nothing else like it! I personally loved it, we didn't go for the typical Vegas holiday, i.e lots of drinking and gambling (although we did dabble in each). We went to see the hotels, see the shops, and generally just experience this amazing city. 

We landed on Sunday evening and went for some dinner in the Venetian, and headed promptly to bed at about 8:30pm!! Not a wise move when you're looking to beat jet lag, but we were literally zombies! So, of course, we were wide awake at 4am. Rather than sit around twiddling our thumbs, we decided to head out and do some blogging in the sunrise. 

These were taken literally right outside our hotel, The Wynn (which I would highly recommend to anyone!) The lighting was amazing, and it was so quiet on the streets: perfect blogging conditions!

Dress: COS | Shoes: Ancient Greek Sandals | Hat: Whistles | Bag: Céline