Last Vegas

Ok so I am the first to admit I am not tanned. The sun gives me freckles, and that is all. However, I am not as pale (or rather as ghost like) as I look here. The lighting made my skin tone a few shades lighter, a few shades I cannot afford to loose!! 

Anyway, this is the last look from our stay in Vegas. Sorry there isn't many, we didn't blog in the evenings, but I promise there will be more from New York! This was from our last day in Vegas, where we did more exploring. We walked to the new SLS hotel to see what it was like - and I can report it is rather lovely! And we then visited even more hotels on the strip! Maybe it sounds odd that we spent so much time in other hotels, but if you have been to Vegas you will understand, they are all a must see!!

Playsuit: Zara (very old!) | Shoes: Whistles | Blazer: H&M | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Handbag: Céline