LFW Day 1: Levis 501s

So here is my first look from London Fashion Week! It was the most amazing five days ever, and I wish I could do it all over again. Once I've finished sharing my outfits, I plan to a post on my LFW experience, let me know if you would like to read that. 

On the first day I went to four shows in total, all of which I loved. My favourite was the first I saw, Jamie Wei Huang. I will definitely be sharing some photos of all the shows, sadly not any of the ones I took as they are more a study of the back of people's heads which doesn't make for an interesting read! All of the shows I went to on Thursday were with Fashion Scout at the Freemasons Hall, which is an incredible building and a great venue.

After the first show I had chance to snap this outfit. I went for something relatively casual and definitely not OTT.  I have been so into my Levi 501s recently, and I think these shoes work really well with them too. I added my All Saints knit to the mix, which is super simple but with an amazing high neck.

After this I headed to back to my hotel to unpack, and then straight back out to a couple more shows before heading out for dinner with some amazing blogging ladies! What a perfect Day 1!

these ones from Current Elliot are kind of similar, and this ASOS pair have great rips, but nothing compares to the 501s. 
Warehouse have a few similar ones in stock.
this River Island pair are soo nice!