LFW Day 2: Outfit and Shows

Hey guys! So a bit of a medley post today, I want to share with you my LFW Day 2 outfit and my show highlights. First up the shows: I went to a few shows on Saturday, but my favourite were two presentations. Overall, I enjoyed the presentations more than the shows, as you have more chance to see the clothes up close!

First up was the Orla Keily presentation, the cutest thing ever! 

Sorry the pictures aren't the best quality, but I wanted to show you all some photos I took as opposed to the official press release ones. Although the clothes presented were not my style at all, I loved the presentation. The two girls in white overalls in the background were painting flowers on the glass throughout, as the models walked around the flowerpots each planting a flower as they went! It was a creative yet simple presentation, which didn't take the focus off the clothes, but had a little more going on than models stood on podiums and walking in turn. 

The second show I saw was Hemyca, which was one of my favourites! 

 The Hemyca clothes were much more to my taste! Presented in an amazing room which was full of projected videos of cityscapes, the models all stood on the surrounding balcony and then walked down to the level we were all stood in turn. It was soooo super busy to really had to get pictures when they came down, but I managed to get a couple of them up on the balcony! The clothes were focused on soft pastels with tailoring. SO many amazing pairs of trousers it was all too much excitment for me! 

My outfit for the day was another take on my whole navy look I wore a few weeks ago. I was a rubbish blogger and forgot to take any outfit photos, but thankfully the lovely Abbie from Fashion Tatt and Lindsey from Ropes of Holland have rescued me and let me use their streetstyle snaps! Thank you guys!

The best part of Saturday was definitely getting to meet loads of bloggers who blogs I love reading! In the morning I met Abbie for a coffee and a chin wag, and she was the lovliest ever. And then the gorgeous Luisa from A Stylish Something and Lindsey appeared! I was in fashion heaven with the most amazing company! Things got even better later on when Harry arrived for the weekend, so I have another outfit to from Saturday to share with you tomorrow. 

This black Joseph pair are on my wishlist, and this Stella McCartney pair are very similar indeed. This ASOS pair are a perfect budget option too.