My LFW Make-Up

 Ohhhh a beauty post!!! Thought I would give one a go, and what a better time than to kick off my London Fashion Week posts. It's been the best few days ever and I can't wait to share my outfits with you guys. 

I do wear a lot of make up but I always try to keep it looking relatively natural. I am really bad for touching my face throughout the day, so when I have a long day I come back home almost bare faced! Keeping my foundation a lighter coverage stops me from looking to patchy when this happens... just pale and tired instead!! 

This is the make up I have been wearing almost every day throughout LFW. I am going to film a haul video soon and will discuss some of my new make up products then, so I won't go into too much detail now. But here are the basics: I like a light-medium coverage foundation, and a heavier coverage concealer for any dark circles or blemishes. I use a light contour and peach coloured blush, and occasionally (but not here) go wild and use a highlighter too! I always fill in my eyebrows, no matter how natural I am going. I love copper and brown shades of eyeshadows, which I just wore with mascara here. Finally lips: I usually just use lip balm (Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is the best product for dry lips), as I always forget to reapply lippy throughout the day, so I usually never bother in the first place!! 

I am wearing: