New York: Brightened

 Okay so first up let me address the two huge plasters on my feet. These shoes are so so comfy apart from they cut into my feet soo bad at the top. I am not the type to be deterred from shoes for a little issue like that, which is why I always carry plasters with me. And they were particularly useful on this day. 

We did a lot of walking in New York, so all my day time outfits were comfy, laid back looks. This is what I wore for our day at the MoMA, which we visited as it is holds some work that are relevant to my dissertation research. But, more of an achievement than writing a dissertation will ever be: I wore these bright white trousers a full day, and they remained bright white!!! No spillages, no stains, no leaning against something dirty. Nothing short of a miracle!! 

Trousers: COS | T-shirt: COS | Shoes: Whistles | Sunglasses: Celine | Bag: Saint Laurent