New York: High-Top Converse

Another item I picked up while away was some new Converse. These weren't a planned purchase, but I saw this girl walking around in the most amazing look which were topped off with some white high-top Converse with black eyelets (you can get the exact pair I saw here). Street style is always one of my biggest inspiration, and I loveddddd them so much I headed straight to the Converse shop to get my own. They didn't have the canvas version there, so I went with some white leather, which will be a little more practical too! I had to to the custom made ones to get the black eyelets, and I am so happy with how they turned out. I am not a huge lover of the sneaker trend (although the Isabel Marant Bart Sneakers might have converted me!!), but Converse are a classic shoe that I think always look cool and effortless!