The Otley Run | Tea Rooms, Part 1

I have decided to do a few more lifestyle posts here on the blog, and I thought a great way to start would be the tie it in with a really relevant lifestyle of this time of year: the lifestyle of a fresher in freshers week! 

Ok so cups of tea obviously doesn't scream freshers week at all, but bare with me here. In Leeds there is an infamous bar crawl known at The Otley Run. Consisting of about 18 bars, and mostly done in fancy dress, its a real spectacle to watch. I must admit I have never done it, which is probably a bit of a sin considering I have lived here all my life and I am a student here! 
Not being a big drinking, it has just never appealed. However, I am a big tea drinker, so I decided to do my own version of the Otley Run.. but instead of a pint in every bar, I would have a coffee/cuppa in every cafe!! 

Mum came along with me to do this, and so we didn't overdose on caffeine we have done it over four days, here is day one.. where we drank a lot! 

First up was Sebby's, which is a super cute breakfast place right at the top of the Otley Run. I had never been before, and we went for some brekkie and coffee. I had a bacon and sausage sandwich on brown bread 'cos i'm being healthy. Mum had scrambled egg on brown bread with no butter 'cos she genuinely is being healthy. I would definitely recommend Sebby's, the food was really yummy and I couldn't fault the coffee! 

Next up was The Bowery Visual Arts, which is a coffee shop / gallery. It makes it a really nice environment to sit back and enjoy a coffee. We just went for a pot of tea for twooo like the civilised English ladies we are! 

Next on our journey was Savlo's. If you were doing the alcoholic version of the Otley Run you would likely be well on your way at this stage, but we were still fresh and very energetic from the caffiene! With that in mind, I went for a mint tea this time round. Salvo's is a lovely place, but not something I would recommend for just a coffee. It doesn't have that cosy coffee house feel, but the food is incredible so it is definitely work checking out for lunch! 

 Café number four! Another cute one with really good tea, by this stage I was close to saying I never wanted to drink tea again but thankfully I didn't as if anyone ever held me to that I wouldn't cope! 

Café Lento was one of my favourite spots we stopped at. I kind of cheated and had a milkshake, very wild indeed. It was very good as well and there was games all around. We picked Guess Who, which was much more straight forward than I remembered from being a child! 

 The last place we visited of the day was Love Rouge, and by far my favourite! If I hadn't been feeling rather ill at this point I would have gone completely wild and eaten my body weight in cakes! Instead I held back and had a Mars bar crispy, chocolately, heavenly thing.

So that was the first part of our Otley Tea Room Run!! Even though I live in Headingley there are so many café's I have never tried, but now I feel I am a fully fledged expert! Stay tuned tomorrow for the next leg of the run! 

Finally, here is what I wore for our tea drinking extravaganza! I am so into all black with white trainers, and its making me want more white trainers to experiment with!! For me, the trick is to keep your outfit relatively smart, so that you've got an interesting contrast going on.

Loving this one too, and this one from ASOS is a really similar style and shape.
BLAZER: JOSEPH (very old, and still very loved!)
This Joseph one is similar. I am on the hunt for an oversized black blazer too, and this one could be the one! This Warehouse one is a great budget alternative too.