The Otley Run | Tea Rooms, Part 2

Here we go with part two of our caffeine overdose! We did the next part over three days as we were a little strapped for time. The overall outcome of our Otley Tea Run is that there aren't as many café's as there are bars, but here comes the last lot!

The first spot was a café restaurant called LS6. We were there around lunch time so completely forgot the whole tea and café brief when we saw the menu, and ended up ordering a proper lunch. We both had a salad, and the food was incredible. I can't recommend it enough, amazing setting, fab food and friendly service! 

After an amazing lunch I was craving something sweet! So we popped over the road to the next café, La Cafatiére. This one wasn't my favourite, although I was loving all that whipped cream on top of my mocha!

Next up is one of my favourite café's in Leeds, Froth and Fodder. Nearing the end of the Otley Run, this cafe is part of a row of shops, take outs and cafés directly opposite Leeds Uni. It is the cutest little place serving the best coffee and food. I have genuinely lost count of how many times I have been there this week!! 

I really haven't done this next place justice! Coffee Rand is another across the road from the Uni, and it specialises in some amazingly indulgent waffles! I was just too full at the time to even think about a waffle, but as I write this I am bloody starving so this is seeming like a real missed opportunity. 

Smooothhiieee time! So many people I know love this next spot, and for good reason! Called The Smoothie Company, it specialises in Smoothies (I bet you didn't see that coming). They also offer some very good soups and sarnies. I had that dreadful thing happen where I liked Mum's smoothie more than my own, but mine was still PDG (Pretty Damn Good). 

Onto our final day of the tea crawl, and onto Pickard's Pop Up Tea Room. I can't tell you how much I hope this is here to stay, as it was the best coffee we had! Its another shabby-chic environment, which I personally love! The coffee was honestly fab, but so strong, it put in a very weird state all day long. 

 Final stop: The Hidden Cafe! In the student union, this is always superrr busy. I dragged mum in despite her protests of being in the student union. We rounded off our Otley Run with a brew. If we had been doing the traditional Otley Run, there would be a few more bars to visit to take you further into the centre of town. However, this is where the coffee shops ended! And we were feeling fresh and ready for the day, which I bet no one has ever said after the bar version of this! 

 This is the outfit I wore for one of our tea days. Something comfortable without being in jeans! These ASOS trousers are fast becoming one of my wardrobe favourites, they just fit so good and are so well priced! Result!! 

No longer available, but this one is almost identical