A Week In The Life

After seeing one of my fave bloggers, Amy from The Little Magpie, sharing what she was up to in a week of her life, I decided I would so the same! I am a rather nosey person, and off the chance you guys are too, here is what I have been up to in the past week! Some of the photos are off my phone, some I have managed to snap on my camera, but this is a real genuine reflection of my day to day activities! 

For the most part I am on the edge of being a social recluse... well not quite, but I love a night in with a cuppa and a film. Sometimes I do leave the house on an evening, and this week was one of those rare occasions!! (I am making myself sound much worse than I actually am) Harry and I decided to head out for a burger. I live near Headingley in Leeds, which is a student area packed with reasonable restaurants. They're nothing posh, but were just what we fancied! 

The following evening was back to the usual schedule of tea and films! I love to have the tv on in the background when I work on the blog, as it really helps me wind down and relax. I recently signed up for Amazon Student, which was one of the best ideas I have had in a while. It's pretty much Amazon Prime at half price (which, if you order a lot off Amazon like I do, is soo so handy!!).You also get through loads of offers and lovely bits like that! By far the best bit is the film streaming, there is so much to choose from I have been searching through it non stop this week!! 

I also headed into town for the first time in agesss as I ran out of face wash, moisturiser, concealer and powder all in the same week!! How is that even possible??! Anyway, in a huff about how much this was all going to cost, I headed into town to replenish my stock. In terms of the make up I went for the same as before, but I tried something new with face wash and moisturiser. I wanted to talk about it on here as I really would recommend them both!!! 

 On Friday Mum and I headed down to London for a couple of days. The purpose of the trip to visit Dear Frances' studio, but me and Mum don't need much of an excuse to go shopping and eat good food!! One of the things I was MOST excited for was to get my hit of macaroons. I never got the fuss over them till I tried the Ladurée ones, which in some ways was a huge mistake as I now live my life desperately searching for a similar alternative that I can get my hands on in Leeds!! I am not proud to say I ate more than 10 macaroon in two days. 

As I have a deadline on Friday, the rest of my week has been spent in the library. I can't complain too much, because it is such a nice place to work. Armed with a flask of tea and come coloured pens, I can get my head down and then come back home to relax! 

One thing that has brightened up my week is the arrival of this book!! I ordered mine using my Amazon Student and it came super quickly (definitely going to keep that in mind for if I ever need a last minute book for Uni!) This book is all the rage at the moment, and when I have finished my essay I can't wait to relax in a hot bubble bath and read this!