At The Mo

 So as this outfit is nothing you haven't seen before, I am going to use this post for a little life update. I am in the first semester of my final year at Uni (read: very stressed and very worried!!) I have my first deadline on Friday, and then lots of dissertation deadlines after that. I have so much exciting content planned, but throughout this year my daily blogging might become a little less daily. For the foreseeable future, you guys can be sure to check back here daily and have a new post to see, but as the year progresses that might not be the case. I think it is really important for bloggers to let their readers know what to expect, and not to let them down, and that's the last thing I want to do. I am going to keep you all informed at every stage. In my dream world (which I am determined to make my reality), this would be my full time job, but for the time being I need to focus on my degree, and not mess it up at the final hurdle!!