Chocolate + Blogging = Heaven!

This is what I wore for the Hotel Chocolat event in Leeds last night, which was definitely my idea of heaven. If there are two things I can't live without, it would be fashion and chocolate. I have no issue with demolishing a few bars of choccy in one day, while wearing some amazing shoes of course!
I went for something loose fitting to give my waist some room to expand, and a generally laid back but smart look. This knit was a sale find in Zara last Winter, and has served me so well!

The event was so fantastic! We started off with some drinks and chit chat. I got to see my LFW partner in crime Laura (A Forte For Fashion), so we enjoyed a good catch up before we dived into the serious stuff.. food!! All locally sourced, there was a selection of different mini dishes, all of which were so so yummy! Will happy tummy's we then headed to see what the bar has to offer. As you may expect, their cocktails all have a choccy theme, and I went got the Cocoa G&T which was uhhmaaazingg! Following that we had a lesson in all things chocolate. Now I did consider myself a bit of a chocolate expert, I certainly have a good knowledge of what the market has to offer! Or so I thought... it turns out I didn't know anything. But thanks to the lovely team at Hotel Chocolat, I am know confident in my choccy knowledge. 

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