A Week In The Life

Helloooo!! Here we go with another Week in The Life post. My last one was quite popular (you nosey bunch), so I thought I would do another that covered my birthday as well. You may think that it being my birthday would mean I got up to some more exciting things that didn't involve tea, the library and watching back to back Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You would be wrong, I really am that boring! 

Actually, I want to take back that statement, I actually had a wild week. I moved from the world of tea, into the world of coffee!!! I am definitely not converted, but I have been so tired that I needed a little boost to stop me nodding off with my head in a text book! I have become a bit of a coffee snob (for someone who doesn't drink the stuff, I have become quite confident on the topic!), and have been drinking Kopi coffee. If you guys are into coffee I think it's definitely worth giving it a go, as you can sign up via Cafédirect for a monthly delivery of different fresh coffees! 

Another exciting development of my week was by Birthday pressie, from me, to me. I can be so generous at times! I bought these gorgeoussss shoes from Harvey Nicks as they had 25% off (result!). I have the same pair in grey which I wear all the time as they're comfy and actually easy to walk in. And everyone needs a pair of black pumps, right??? 

Throughout the week I also tried to snap a few daily outfits. I actually only managed to get these three done as I kept rushing out of the door and running out of time! The top look was one I used for for the best picture I have ever posted on Instagram - celebrating reaching 10,000 followers!!! That has made this past week such a good one, as it has been a goal of mine for such a long time! 

One of my birthday pressies was this bedding from Next, and ohhh my gosh it is LOVEEEE!! It is the cosiest everrr, and I have put a white set straight on my Christmas list so I can still take my Insta pictures on my sheets... dedication to the Gram! 

The above pictures speak for themselves. More coffee. Obsessed.

 Here is a few more outfits from my week, as very casual!

 And finally, my all time fave coffee... one with foam and choccy on top! The more chocolate the better. And yes,  I am totally one of those people who eats the foam then leaves of the drink. I have a funny feeling it might just be children that do that?! 

I am thinking of making my Week in The Life posts a fortnightly feature - what do you guys think??