Lack Of Colour

 As you all know, colour isn't really my thing. This hasn't always been the way, I used to wear quite  a bit of colour. It also wasn't a conscious transition, it just sort of happened. I think because I have gotten so used to wearing such a small selection of colour, I am unsure on how I would even go about styling colour! I always find wearing a block colour, or a couple of different colours, to be the most stylish, but I am thinking I should try this with blue, or red, or green... as opposed to just greys, blacks and white.
What do you think? What are your tips for styling colour?? 

Still madly in love with this grey ASOS one too! 
I don't find the fit of this pair too great, so if you want a pair maybe try these ones for a budget, or these for a splurge!