More Zara Love (And It's My Birthday!)

These trousers were another Zara purchase I made last week. I had been eyeing them up online for a while, but they had a relatively hefty price tag considering they are Zara, so I held off. As soon as I saw them in the shop I knew I couldn't resist them! They fit so so well, and the details of the pockets make them the perfect update on a simple black trousers. I am also loving the length, so I can wear them with flats. I am quite tall so you shorter ladies out there could definitely team them with a pair of killer heels!

Alsooo it's my birthday today!! Yay! I am 22 which I don't really like as that definitely feels like it's well into the realms of adulthood! Anyways, this morning I am shooting for the blog and later we are going out for a lovely dinner! I can't wait, if you want to follow my day head over to my Insta here. I am super love to 10,000 followers too!