My Winter Formula

Coat: COS | Jumper: Zara | Shoes: Cara London | Trousers: Joseph | Hat: Whistles
(read below for more options)

 I find building a winter wardrobe much more expensive than a summer one. Coats are expensive, knits (can be) expensive, and generally, you just need more clothes. So here I present the perfect formula for a Winter wardrobe, from which you can make several perfect outfits! 

1. Knits, knits and more knits. 

Knits are a hugeee part of winter dressing, and there is so much choice out there it is definitely overwhelming. In terms of pricing, I would personally only spend big money on cashmere, but I can't say I ever have done before, so all my options are very budget friendly! The biggest pain with knits is washing them, they're all dry clean only or hand wash, so really you want a few on rotation. Here are my recommendations: 

A roll neck (perfect way to add a little something extra to a look).
Here from ASOS, All Saints, and Zara
A turtleneck. Keep it skinny fitting, and it will go with everything.
Here from Uniqlo, ASOS, and COS
A crew neck (size up if you want to layer a t-shirt underneath) 
Here from Topshop, ASOS and Uniqlo
An oversized knit (any style you like!) 
Here from ASOS, and COS

2. Winter coat (obviously!!)

No need for an explanation here. Get a coat for winter, or freeze. I would normally invest in one every season, and if you choose wisely it will be coming back out of your wardrobe for years to come (as the one I am wearing above does!) 

A long black coat (see above, a must have)
Here from COS, ASOS, Zara
A cocoon coat (oh so stylish!) 
Here from ASOS and Topshop 
Wrap coat (wear undone to avoid it looking like a dressing gown!)
Here from Zara, All SaintsCOS and Topshop
Long coat (pick your colour!) 
Here from COS, ASOS, Topshop

3. Trousers that aren't jeans. 

I know, I know.. jeans are the best ever! I wear jeans almost everyday, but sometimes you've got to leave them at home. And when you do that, you need some other options, otherwise you're out there in your under-crackers, which isn't advice I would give for Winter dressing.

Leather trousers (go for faux if you're on a budget, it can look just as good!) 
Skinny suit trousers (perfect day to night item) 
Here from COS, Zara, Topshop 

4. Boots that don't cut up your feet. 

My general rule when buying shoes seems to be that they're uncomfortable. When I got these ones, I broke that rule, and hence have the comfiest boots ever! This is what everyone needs in Winter, whether they be heeled, flats, knee high, ankle or thigh high, make sure they're comfy! 
I haven't actually tested out the following options for comfort, but I can tell you they definitely look bloody good! 

Ankle boots with a moderate heel
Mine are from Cara London. 
Ankle boots with no heel
Here from All Saints, COS and Asos 
Ankle boots with a high heel
Here from Zara, Kurt Geiger and All Saints.  
Knee high flat boots
Here from All Saints and Zara