Spot The Difference???

 I can't tell you how excited I am to share this post!! Can you guys see the difference in the quality of the pictures? I have a new camera and lens!! The camera I was using before was one I had from being around 18, so I was feeling ready for a new one that could give me better quality pictures, So that was my birthday (and Christmas) pressie off my Mum and other family members, so a BIGGG thank you there!!! I am so happy with it, and I can't wait to share all my photos I have done so far. 

Due my excitement about the new camera, I wanted to shoot as soon as it was charged up! So Harry and I headed out onto my road and snapped away. This is the outfit I had worn the night before for a birthday dinner with my Mum and Harry's family. It was a lovely evening, and I have had such a fab Birthday weekend - although it would be better if I wasn't now writing a bloody essay! Such is life!

Same pair in leather here.

If you're interested, the model of my camera is the Nikon 5300 with a 85mm f/1.8 G AF-S lens