Getting Festive: DIY Christmas Decorations

The festive period is officially upon us! And last weekend Mum and I really got into the spirit. Starting out with a day at the beautiful Castle Howard (which has some very impressive decorations), we then got all inspired and made our own (easy and a bit rubbish) Christmas decorations!

Castle Howard is really a beautiful day out, and at this time of year is great for children too as Santa is there from now until Christmas. It is a very impressive house, with lots of big rooms and paintings which remind me very much of my own home (I jest). The grounds are gorgeous too, but as it was cold and a little wet we skipped out that bit. 

After seeing all the beautiful decorations at Castle Howard we were feeling inspired to get festive at home! We saw some decorations like this there (priced at about £20), and thought... heyyy, we can do that! Now they're not very impressive, and probably not worthy of any centre spots in the house, but they're easy and fun to make! 

Here's what you will need:

1. Some thin bendy wire, and scissors strong enough to cut that wire. 
2. Cones (as many as you like!) We bought two different kinds, a polystyrene one and a dry foam one. I would recommend the dry foam one for the final look, but is feels bloody awful! 
3. Tinsel! Whatever colour suits you. We also picked out these beads, which we didn't end up using for the decorations - but they still had their uses! 
4. A responsible adult to tidy up after you've done all the fun bit. I chose Mum. 
5. Tea. We had camomile and vanilla, which was so good! 

The final ingredient (that isn't a necessity) is a cat to distract and entertain you. This is what the beads came in handy for too... lots of fun! 

As I said, making the decorations is ridiculously easy!! 

- First you need to cut your wire into 2-3inch sections, and bend them into U shapes.
- Next up, take your tinsel and wire, and pin it to the bottom of the cone.
- Wrap it around tightly, covering all the cone, and pinning the tinsel and the end of every twist.
- Once you get to the top, pin it securely in place!

Finished!! Easy as pie!

Finish off your creative moment with the tea, while your chosen adult tides up. Thanks Mum!!