Change in Schedule

 Hey everyone! Sorry about the late post today, I usually publish my post at 8am but today has been a piece of work!! I had planned to share with you my haul post and video, but YouTube is just not playing ball and after nearly 24hrs spent trying upload I have given up for the day! Hopefully a miracle will occur over night and I will have this up and ready to go for 8am tomorrow. If anyone has any general YouTube tips or general ways to resist throwing your laptop across the room when I all goes wrong, they would be much appreciated! 

Anywaysss so here is what I wore yesterday! Mum and I nipped to a local town to run some errands, and shot some photos on the way. Let me address my over-optimism with the ankle baring trousers here. I am relieved to announce I have since re-gained the feeling in my legs, but my goshhhh only just! It was so cold! Also here is my gorgeousssss All Saints leather jacket. If you follow me on Instagram you will know I had a dilemma over whether or not to get it last week, well I went for it and I am SO glad I did!