Dress Your Boyfriend

 Well I have given up the day job and handed over to Harry! Just kidding, but I think he does do a very good job. The reason Harry is taking centre stage is down to a challenge I was set by Repertoire Fashion: to pick out an outfit that I would like Harry to wear. 
Now, I know that a few ladies may have complaints about how their other half dresses, but for the most part I do not. I like Harry's style, and so when picking out the clothes I was quite confident that I would be picking out things he liked just as much as I did. 

So, I went for an outfit that included an item I could then "borrow" myself. This jumper is so gorgeous! Harry said he really liked the fit, because he could have his t-shirt poking out and the sleeves where nice and long. I also like long sleeves to roll up, so that will work well for me too - haha! 

The jeans I won't be able to borrow, but I chose these because I LOVE dark denim jeans. Harry wears black jeans a lot, but I think dark blue denim looks just as smart, but are a little more effortless - and they look really good rolled up too. Harry is about 6"3, and these jeans were more than long enough which is always perfect for him! 

What do you guys think of this look? Harry and I don't have any plans for Valentines Day yet, but I hope he wears this outfit as he looks rather dishy!!