When Life Gives You Lemons...

Right now I should be in London for Fashion Week, but dislocating my knee a couple of weeks ago put the brakes on those plans. Needless to say I am gutted, I am missing out on so many experiences and spending time with so many lovely people. It got me thinking about how to cope with these little blips in life. Whether a little inconvenience that is getting you down, (like my knee issue right now) or something more serious with much longer repercussions (something I have also experienced). So here are some of the things I do when life gives you lemons!

1. Write it all down

We all have so much going on in day to day life, and sometimes it just doesn't go to plan. I bet so many you write to-do lists, but less of you probably keep a diary (I am endlessly writing to-do lists, and have only very recently started keeping a diary). Isn't it funny that we know writing things down organises our mind, as we can visualise what we need to do, yet we don't necessarily apply this to more emotional things. If you have loads going on in your head, put it to paper. If it is a little niggle, trying writing it down and leaving it there for now. If it an ongoing thing, use writing to reason with yourself and understand what is going on in life. I find it so helpful to visualise things, as it also helps to put things in perspective.

2. Thought or Fact?

If, like me, you're a bit of a worrier - ask yourself: thought or fact?
So here is an example. I am currently mid way through my dissertation, and yesterday spent most of the day thinking I was definitely going to fail it, and therefore fail my whole degree. You know when a little thought snowballs and develops beyond your control? So I had to ask myself, what of this is thought, and what is fact? Dealing with the facts, I know I have never failed an essay at University. I am averaging a solid 2:1, so I have no reason to believe I am going to fail at all! That is it for the facts, the rest is thought. I use this for all kinds of things. Worrying someone might have fallen out with me - what are the facts I have to support it? If there are none, it is just a thought and I dismiss it. Point one can also be helpful here, as writing these things down makes it all so much clearer!

 3. Talk to someone...

... or not! If it is something you don't want to talk about, then don't be pressured into it. Feeling ready to talk to someone (either a friend, family member, or a professional) can take time, and you will know when you are ready for it. But when you are, it is immensely helpful! I would advise to carefully think about who you talk to. Don't pick someone who is just nosey, or enjoys some drama, just wanting to know more of your personal life. Go to your nearest and dearest, ring your best friend who you can always count on, lean on people who you trust to hold you up.

4. Make a Gin and Tonic!