Decorating Easter Eggs with Betty's

If any of you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago I took my Mum to Betty's Cookery School for their 'Baking With Chocolate' day course. If any of you aren't familiar with Betty's, firstly I send my sympathy because you don't know what you're missing, and secondly, you need to experience it to understand! Betty's is essentially the most amazing café/restaurant/shop/heavenly combination ever. We are lucky enough not to live not too far from one, so we often go there for a civilised breakfast or even just a coffee. When it came to deciding what to get my Mum for her birthday, a Betty's cookery course was the perfect option, and we had THE most amazing day. So you can imagine how excited I was when we were invited to their Easter Egg decorating day in Harrogate, where I created the masterpiece above (I am very proud of this indeed!!) 

So on Tuesday I headed to Harrogate with my Mum and one of our friends to become an Easter Egg eggstrordinaire (not even sorry for that one). The day started off with tea which I was obviously thrilled with, and I really wish the photos could convey the atmosphere, as it was so lovely and relaxed! 

After being shown how to temper chocolate, and being some ideas for designs we could recreate ourselves, we were given our eggs and some decorations, ready to make a mess of everything. 

I am so pleased with my egg, I am waiting to be contacted by Betty's to be offered a job, and I think I might hand this in instead of my dissertation and I would definitely get a first. Ohh I joke, but in all honesty I am SO happy with it. And more importantly, we all had so much fun decorating them. All three of us laughed so much our faces hurt! To finish off we were given a two course meal, which was uhhmaaaazing, and then more tea to send us happily on our way. All in all it was a eggcellent day. 

Thank you SO much Betty's for such a wonderful day. You can see all of their cookery courses here and events here.