A Girl's Take On... Effortless

 So I have a little blog series coming up for you over the next 8 days! It's sort of a little experiment I wanted to conduct, and I can't wait to see what you guys think. So over the next week, I will be sharing eight looks styled around four words. I thought up eight words that describe general style, nothing too specific at all, and something each individual can have a different take on. I have styled a look for each of those words, and also asked Harry to do the same for me to wear. I gave him free reign in my wardrobe, to style up four looks that he thought were representative of these words. I didn't give him any guidance, nor did I tell him what I had styled, he was completely on his own! Everyday we are going to comment on why we chose the look (when applicable), and what we thought of it. The end result I hope to be a little insight on what a boy (albeit a very fashion conscious one) thinks of girl's style vs. what a girl thinks! 

So, here is the first day: Effortless, styled by me. 

Lizzy: Looking effortless is something I always strive for in my dressing, to a certain extent I think it comes hand in hand with minimal style. Of course, my effortless dressing is far from effortless - if I were to share my true effortless style I would be wearing a hand-me-down pair of brown tracksuit bottoms that are stained with bleach! For me, effortless has to still look put together, that's why going for a block colour is helpful. The obvious choice was black, because it still has an element of sleekness (I don't want effortless to look scruffy), but really does look like it could have been thrown on. Making sure my look is made up of basics is also important, but if you get basics with a little bit of extra something than it will take the look further: such as the high neck of the t-shirt, the structured lapels on the coat, etc etc.

Harry: This outfit looks pretty close to effortless, black + black + black + black = effortless. Although as Lizzy says, tracksuit bottoms + t-shirt + slippers - make up, also = effortless. I like the way Lizzy has paired the sandals with the coat, an unusual combination that maybe seems a little contradictory but works nonetheless!

JEANS: ASOS | SHOES: WHISTLES | T-SHIRT: FINERY LONDON | COAT: COS (similar from All Saints, and on sale!)