Life Lately

 Just a little bit of a life update today for you all! Not that I have anything in particular to update you all with, but sometimes I like to throw a little personal post in the mix.

Leg Issues 
So first up has been the most prominent and problematic part of my life recently, which has all been related to my bloody leg! It's been well over two months now since I dislocated me knee, and tomorrow I have my follow up appointment with the consultant (wish me luck!). It is now so much better but still not quite right. I am not driving yet out of fear of not being able to emergency break efficiently enough, and I am still on one crutch when out and about because it definitely makes people be careful and considerate around me, which settles my mind a little! 

I handed in my dissertation at the end of March and I keep having to remind myself I haven't yet completely finished my degree! I am so ready to finish, and it's harder than ever to motivate myself to keep going. Just one essay and on exam between me and graduating!! 

Jolly Holidays!  
Plans for summer are finally falling into place! Next weekend Mum and I are heading to Italy to visit my Uncle which is always a pleasure, and a few weeks after that at the beginning of June Harry and I are heading to Stockholm! I am SO excited for that one as I have been wanting to visit for so long, so please let me know if you any of you have been and have any recommendations of things to do and where to visit. 

What's new with you guys? I love reading all your comments!