Wish Lysts

 Sometimes when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, the struggle is very real. I have nothing to wear, yet I can't fit another item in my overflowing wardrobe - a problem every woman and girl suffers from! Everyone has occasions where a little bit of outfit planning is necessary - for me it is everyday, making sure I have outfits ready for the blog. For others it might be everyday before work, or just on a weekend for an evening out. For me to plan an outfit, I have to make a list (I am officially obsessed with making lists in every aspect of life!), and even better if it is a visual one. Here is where Lyst comes in, which is basically a huge collection of online stores for you to browse through. You can then make your own 'lyst' of these items (plus you will get a notification when that items goes in the sale, which is pretty fab and also dangerous for us shopaholics!) I have been using Lyst non stop for the past week in two ways:

1. For making 'lysts' of items I already own (see one here). That is how I planned this outfit, by finding items I already have in my wardrobe, and essentially making a much more manageable and visual version of my terribly full wardrobe at home. That way it's super easy to plan a look, and you can actually see what will go well together too! 

2. This part is the dangerous bit.. wish 'lysts'. As well as being a serial list maker, I am also a serious bookmarker. My browser is a minefield of bookmarked pages of things I want to buy - please tell me I am not the only one who organises wish lists like that?!? Anyhoo, those days are over! I am now using Lyst to organise all the goodies I want, which you can see here.

So guys, if you are harbouring a little bit of a shopping addiction, and need a way not only to manage what you already own, but what you hope to own soon, Lyst is the website for you! 

You can see the Lyst I used to plan this outfit here

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. All opinions voiced here are completely my own, and are 100% honest.