Chopped Up Denim

Dior So Real two toned sunglasses

Cropped vintage Levi 501s
Balenciaga neoprene mules
Breton striped long sleeved t-shirt
Customised Levi 501s with frayed hem
Baggy jeans with striped top

 I am an avid lover of jeans (incase you hadn't noticed), and I have quite a growing collection. Despite that, sometimes I get a little bored of the pairs I own, so rather than parting with some cash for a new pair, I turn to an old pair with a pair of scissors. The victim this time around was these vintage Levi's 501s (I get mine off eBay for less than £20, generally I wouldn't get scissor happy on an expensive pair). I have been lusting after some frayed denim for a while now and since chop chopping this pair I have been wearing them non stop. 

JEANS: VINTAGE LEVI 501s (see below for some similar options if you don't fancy doing some chopping!)
SHOES: BALENCIAGA (ankle strap version here)