Topshop White Denim Jacket

Black A-Line Mini Skirt Zara
White Denim jacket with suede pockets
Zara black mini skirt
Acne open toe leather boots
Bamboo heeled Acne leather boots

 I don't think I could be later to the mini a-line skirt party. I don't think I have even managed to jump on the bandwagon, I am just running behind it trying to keep up! The main reason I don't love the trend is due to the fact I don't really love skirts in general, especially short ones. I am a trousers girl through and through. However, if there is one thing I do love a skirt for..  that's wearing it with ankle boots. I am always on the look out for boots that are the perfect, slightly awkward, bit-longer-than-an-ankle-boot-length, and these Acne ones are just the ticket. I think the awkwardness is amplified when worn with a bare legs, which makes the whole look so much more interesting. Now I have finally taken the a-line mini plunge, I have been eyeing up loads more because they really do go with everything! This one was a Zara sale purchase, and I expect to be wearing it pretty much on the daily while I am on my hollies later this week.

SKIRT: ZARA (similar here, here and here)