Stockholm Day 1: Good News and Shopping!

So here is our first day in Stockholm, which all started off with some really good news... 

I got a first in my dissertation!! I can hardly believe it has happened, only once have I got a high first in an essay through my University time, so I never thought I would manage it for the biggest essay I have even done. But here we are, all that hard work payed off! My results were released five minutes after we landed in Stockholm, so I was almost at the point of a nervous breakdown in the baggage collection trying to get online to see them. Once I finally did Harry and I got a taxi to our hotel, which had some champers for us on arrival which was the perfect celebration moment. Actually, just walking into the hotel was the perfect way to celebrate, because it's uhhhmazing, but more on that later...

After unpacking we took some time to freshen up, which was very much needed! Then we headed out to explore the city and get our bearings a little bit. I went for an all black look (shocker), with my white trainers, because is there anything better than all black with white shoes? No, no there is not.

BLAZER: ALEXANDER WANG (old, similar here)
BAG: SAINT LAURENT (this version is the most amazing thing everrrr)