Uterqüe AW15

Earlier this week I made a little day trip to London for a few exciting things. One of which was the Uterqüe (pronounced ooo-ter-kway) AW15 press day. I am a big fan of Uterqüe, my all time favourite flares this season were from there (and you guys always say how much you love them too!) It's a shop I would consider to be no where near as well known as it deserves to be. The quality of the pieces is amazing, and I can vouch for that even more after seeing a full collection! As Uterqüe is only available online in the UK at the mo, I had never taken the plunge with any of their leather items as it's so hard to get a sense of quality just from a photo - but I can report all leather items are buttery soft! I always find that good quality items are even more important in a winter wardrobe, and most of my investment pieces are winter items. I definitely planning on getting lots of my wardrobe this winter from Uterqüe, just look at those furs!! Being a shoe lover, it's no surprise that the shoes where my favourite items, especially the heeled boots, which can't come into my wardrobe quick enough. 

The new collection will be online from July onwards, but right now you can shop the latest collection here, or do some sale shopping here