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 Oooff today's post is a big'un! It's also the last from my holiday in Italy, boooo, I always love sharing all my photos from there in the beautiful narrow Italian streets. Actually, for this post the location is kind of different to that, but even more amazing. Every time we go to Italy there is one day that is my highlight: a visit to Paul and Jane's. Paul and Jane are some old friends who now live in the countryside near Tropea, in what has to be the most amazing house I have ever ever been too.

A day at Paul and Jane's is essentially the most relaxing day you can imagine. Jane is the hostest with the mostest (like, the mostest ever), and believe me when I say you want for nothing. She is also the best cook ever, and you practically roll back home after eating far too much of the best food imaginable. It's basically a day in heaven! A day spent in an amazing place with amazing company. 

Their incredible house is a design of my Uncle Luigi. Shooting photos there was perfect, everywhere you stand is a photo-ready back drop, with wrap around terraces throughout the house, and the most amazing spiral staircase you've ever seen - it's a dream location. And here is the man himself... 

Just how amazing does he look?? He's 89 this year, still working and generally blowing my mind every time I see him. Like there wasn't enough photos in this post here are some phone snaps of the house too:

DRESS: MANGO (on sale and a holiday must have!) 
SHOES: SEE BY CHLOE (similar here)